Help with the hurts, habits, and hang-ups of life

Celebrate Recovery is a recovery ministry based on biblical principles with a goal to let God work through us in providing His healing power through a Christ-centered  12 Step program.  This experience allows  people to be “changed” spiritually by working through sound biblical principles. Participants open the door by  sharing their experiences, strengths, and hopes with one another. In addition, they become willing to accept God’s grace and forgiveness in solving life’s problems. Celebrate Recovery provides a safe  place  for individuals to begin their journey of breaking out from their bondage and into God’s grace.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups CAN:

*   Provide you a safe place to share your experiences, strengths, and hope  with others that are also going through a Christ-centered recovery.

*   Provide you with a leader who has gone through a similar hurt, hang-up or habit and who will facilitate the group as it focuses on a particular Step each week. The leader will also follow Celebrate Recovery’s “Small Group Guidelines.”

*   Provide you with the opportunity to find an Accountability Partner or a Sponsor.

*   Encourage you to attend other recovery meetings held throughout the week.

Celebrate Recovery Small Groups Will NOT:

*   Attempt to offer any professional advice. Our leaders are not counselors. At your request, we can provide you with a list of approved counseling referrals.

*   Allow its members to attempt to “fix” one another.

Chemically Dependent (individual groups for men and women)

If you find that you cannot quit drinking or using entirely, even when you honestly want to, or if you have little control over the amount  you consume, you are probably an alcoholic and/or  an addict.  If that is the case, you may be suffering from a problem that only a spiritual solution will conquer.

Codependency (individual groups for men and women)

This group is for those struggling with the compulsion to cue and take care of others, have difficulty setting boundaries, or recognizing their own worth.  Members in this group learn to express their own needs and wants in healthy ways.

Freedom from Fear (group for women only)

This group is for women who have been impacted by abuse as adults or as children. Using the Celebrate Recovery material supplemented by a revised twelve step model rewritten for survivors of abuse, this group offers a safe, confidential environment to find support and healing from the shame, guilt and anger associated with abuse.

Celebrate Recovery – Wednesday - 6:00 pm
Step Study - Sunday - 4:00 p.m. (beginning June 8)
For more information call 593-3664.